6 Unique Ways to Practice Self-Care Before Your Wedding

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Taking time for you before the “I Do”

If your wedding day is approaching, you’ve likely been looking into ways to pamper yourself beforehand so you’ll feel as beautiful and healthy as possible. I’m sure the first things that come to mind when you think of self-care are practicing yoga or getting spa treatments done, but there are so many other options you should consider. The following are some examples of steps you can add to your routine to ensure some self-care before your wedding!


Visit a Premarital Counselor

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An important aspect of self-care that you shouldn’t leave out is the mental and emotional aspect of it. It’s necessary to take care of your mind and feelings to make sure you’re feeling your best. Premarital counseling might sound scary, but there’s nothing to be wary of. Your counselor will help you and your partner communicate clearly before your wedding so that the two of you are on the same page when it comes to major topics such as money and children. These sessions will help ease your mind when it comes to your marriage and will help decrease the amount of stress you have.



Start a Wedding Journal

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Photo by Rafal Bojar

Since this is such an important time in your life, starting a journal is a great way to wind down after each day, keep organized, and hold memories for you to return to someday. Many of us use journaling as a way to de-stress, and this will do that for you, but it will also benefit you in other ways. This doesn’t have to be a place to organize your wedding plans, it can just describe your wedding planning journey and the feelings you have along the way. After your wedding, you’ll be able to look back at these pages and will feel all the hard work and love you put into your big day.



Hair Treatments

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These tips aren’t just for the brides! The groom can take easy steps to care for his hair as well. Hair loss occurs in 2 out of 3 guys by the age of 35, so it’s likely that he’s been experiencing this as well. If he’s been noticing some thinning, a company called hims sell easy-to-use products, such as Finasteride, to work on thickening his hair back up. If his hair loss has been causing some confidence issues, these self-care steps will help him get his self-esteem back up.




Photo by Omar El Takori

Clutter and disorganization are major causes of stress. If you take the time to get your home, work, and life in order, then this will be a huge way to take care of yourself and your mind. The KonMari method for decluttering that has been trending recently which involves throwing away or donating anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Consider using a method such as this one to get more organized and clear your living space in order to clear your mind.



Get More Sleep

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It’s recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but many of us aren’t getting that. Although it may seem beneficial to stay up later and complete your tasks, it’s actually likely more important that you get the sleep you need. Getting the correct amount of sleep will help sharpen your memory, decrease inflammation, improve attention, and more. Although you have a lot on your plate at this time, it’s essential that you’re taking care of your body and sleeping enough.



Drink Enough Water

hangover kit as favors for guests

Photo by Sposto Photography

Along with getting sleep, many of us struggle with drinking the recommended amount of water. Water also provides us with plenty of health benefits such as helping you lose weight and improving brain function. If you have trouble getting yourself to drink enough water, try using apps to remind yourself or adding fruit to a pitcher of water to improve the flavor. Drinking the recommended amount of water each day will absolutely have you feeling better over time.


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Photo by Kelsea Holder Photography

Taking care of yourself is so important all the time, but it’s especially important to have some self-care before your wedding. What are some ways you plan to practice self-care before your wedding?

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