The Easiest Way To Change Your Last Name Post Wedding

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How I Was Able To Quickly Change My Last Name

Photo by: Kari Smith

Hey friend! Are you currently engaged and considering your options when it comes to your last name? You’re not alone! Couples planning their weddings are turning towards modern trends in more ways than one. Not only are couples moving away from “traditional” décor and moments during their weddings (goodbye garter tosses), but also with their names after tying the knot. A recent study showed that 79% of women change their last names, while 14% kept their maiden names after their wedding. Additionally, 5% of couples decided to hyphenate their names post “I do”. It’s no longer assumed that one person will take a last name. It’s a very personal choice and one that couples are making together. In some cases, both partners change their last names to something new.    

Photo by: Kari Smith

As a recent bride, my now-husband and I discussed this topic thoroughly. We ultimately decided I would take my husband’s last name, however, the thought of going through all that paperwork is enough to make anyone dizzy. Luckily, I purchased an incredible product called the Newly Named Box. Talk about a game changer. Inside the box had all the necessary forms and checklists to get me through the process quickly and efficiently. It even includes pre-paid envelopes to get all the necessary documents delivered safely.

How It Works

Photos from: Newly Named

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just want to share my personal experience with Newly Named. I prioritize giving my clients a stress-free wedding experience, so finding a stress-free way to change my name is a win. Once you fill out their questionnaire, they help you find every account your name might be attached to. They pull everything together and ship you a personalized box with a checklist and the next steps to take in order to legally change your name. You’ll be surprised how many things your name is attached to! However, this helps keep you sane and check everything off your list as you go. If you stay on top of it, you can change your name quickly and easily with their help! I definitely recommend this to all my couples, but this also makes a great gift to anyone you know getting hitched! 

If you want to know more about the legal logistics of getting married, contact me on my homepage + I can help guide you! Not only as a professional wedding planner, but also as a newlywed who went through this process earlier this year! I’ve got you! 

PS friends – I also created a quick and easy free guide to how to get your marriage license in CA! See it here! Obtaining marriage licenses in other states are fairly similar but be sure to look up each state’s rules, guides and pricing.


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