The Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

Beautiful wedding at The Unique Space in downtown LA, bride and groom first dance
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Can’t Miss Advice From A Top Wedding DJ

DJ: Vox DJs
Photo by: Wild Whim Photography

Hey, friends! We’re continuing on our Vendor FAQ series with some of our favorite vendors: DJs! To be clear, we think all of your vendors play an extremely important role in your big day. However, we know your MC/DJ can make or break the vibe of your day. Especially if you’re looking to throw a really good party for guests, ensuring you have a great wedding DJ is key! We chatted with the award-winning wedding party expert, Eric De La Torre of Vox DJs, to get his advice for couples on the hunt. 

How do we find a wedding DJ that’s right for us as a couple?

Beautiful wedding at The Unique Space in downtown LA, bride and groom first dance
DJ: Vox DJs
Photo by: Shot By Ellen

The most important question I have couple ask is not “what kind of music do you play, or can you play this particular genre?”  A good wedding DJ should be able to do this.  The better question to ask is “How will you take the vision of our party that we have in our minds, and make it a reality?”  This opens up a lot of exciting possibilities and really ask the DJ to layout their game plan of how they will accomplish this, and then you can decide if this is the right fit for you.  

There are lots of other ways besides this to like their experience, where they live/grew up, sometimes even their ethnic background if the wedding calls for specific cultural needs.  Generally, the LEAST important way to pick a DJ is PRICE (though many couples elevate this as a deciding factor).  The wedding industry is very “get what you pay for”, and if you choose a cheap DJ that has little experience or reviews, often clients will be left disappointed.

What’s the most appropriate way for a guest to request a song?

bride and groom dancing at wedding reception at the Environmental Nature Center
DJ: Vox DJs
Photo by: Laura Ford Photos

As I like to say, DJs take requests…not demands.

The best way is for a guest to politely, signal the DJ and ask if they have a particular song.  Assuming the B&G are allowing requests, the DJ will usually let the guest know if they are able to play it.  Then, step back and let the DJ choose when and how to work it in, this is their job.  DJs often are juggling several requests, and are additionally trying to incorporate B&G requests, as well as work with other vendors to manage the schedule.  

If a DJ doesn’t play your song right away, it is often because one of these other items takes priority, or simply, the song you requested might not fit the tempo, vibe or genre at the moment (but might later!).  A good DJ will not sacrifice a quality dancefloor if your request does not fit at the moment.

What’s the difference between an MC and a DJ?

A Fall Wedding reception at Calamigos Ranch, bride and groom first dance
DJ: Vox DJs
Photo by: Studio Castillero

A DJ in strictest of terms, is the person selecting music and operating the sound equipment needed to transition from song to song smoothly so there are no breaks in music.  

An MC traditionally, is the host of the event and interacts with guests as well as announces all of the main events of the evening, along with any smaller housekeeping issues.  For weddings, it’s important to ask what the entertainment service you are booking offers as sometimes these can be 2 different people or can be one in the same.  VOX DJs for example has the DJ/MC as one individual. 

Other Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ:

Bride and groom first dance during wedding reception at Triunfo Creek Vineyards
DJ: Vox DJs
Photo by: Wild Whim Photography

1. Are you open to us curating a playlist of some songs and taking suggestions? 

2. Can you create special remixes for certain songs? 

3. How are you as an emcee; will you be able to emcee throughout the night and keep the crowd hyped? 

4. What’s included in your packages? 

5. Do you have lighting options that can be added on?

6. Do you offer silent disco options? (like this couple did for their big day!)

Huge thanks to Eric + the team at Vox DJs for sharing their thoughts for this post! We love working with you all! If you’re looking for ways to turn up your wedding, contact me on my homepage and let’s chat!

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