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Our favorite ways to practice self-care before the big day!

A wedding is a magical and beautiful time in anyone’s life; however, planning a wedding can be a different experience. Wedding planning is stressful whether you are planning a large extravagant wedding or something smaller and more intimate. However, don’t let stress ruin your special experience, and take charge of your wedding day worries by practicing self-care. Read on to learn how to apply self-care practices into your wedding planning process. 


creating a self-care routine with a yoga practice

A big part of implementing self-care into your daily life is creating a solid routine that will help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Your fiance and you want to look and feel your best, so focus on your physical needs before moving on to your mental needs. 

  1. Create a workout plan: Exercising is beneficial to your overall health. Regardless if it’s walking for just 20 minutes a day, getting active can impact your overall mood and help you feel your best for your big day. 
  2. Practice yoga: If you want to focus on unwinding, then consider practicing yoga. Yoga is a great way to move your body and  improve your quality of life by relaxing and easing anxiety levels. 

Once you feel confident in your physical needs, start thinking about your mental self-care needs. As a groom or bride, your mental health probably needs a little more uplifting than usual. So consider small practices to help impact your mental health: 

  1. Journal daily: Journaling daily will not only help you track your wedding planning experience but give you an outlet for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It can also help you create order when things get disorganized and chaotic. 
  2. Practice Meditation:  Meditation has so many benefits to your mental and physical health. Meditation connects you with your inner being and can increase self-awareness, gratitude, and help improve sleep quality.



makeup bag

Treating yourself during your wedding planning process will help you take a step back and focus on yourself. While planning your wedding, you are spending a lot of time on the go, making phone calls, and dealing with daily errands. However, this is a special time for your fiance and you, so make time for yourselves. Plan a pampering day all about you. Whether you have an at home spa day or go to an actual spa, use that personal time to decompress.

If you don’t have the time to go on a spa day, ask yourself, what are some other ways you want to treat yourself? Consider splurging on treatments that can make you feel your best for your special day. Look into options like a pre-wedding skin treatment to help your skin feel tighter, younger, and brighter. If you’re a groom struggling with hair loss due to stress or overall health issues, a topical hair loss treatment like Minoxidil will promote hair growth and leave you feeling confident and ready for any wedding day pictures. Splurging on a pre-wedding treatment will leave you looking great and feeling even better. 


a notebook on a white desk with a keyboard and coffee, delegating wedding planning tasks can help your practice self-care

Practicing self-care means learning when to delegate. It might seem easier to take care of every detail yourself, but that can cause burnout before you know it. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are a part of your wedding party for a reason, so use them to help take some of the stress off your back. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to lose control of your big day. Tasks such as your guest list and budget should remain between your fiance and you. However, discover helpful ways to utilize your wedding party. 

Find smart ways to delegate that make sense for your schedule, like asking the groomsmen to handle setting up the anything as needed as the bride and bridesmaids get ready. Or entrusting your groomsmen to handle any deliveries or pick-ups that are taking up a lot of your time. Even asking your maid of honor to take care of any family members or being the family wrangler for photos. Delegating will help take some of the pressure off and let you focus on de-stressing before your big day. And don’t forget, the most important way to delegate is by hiring professional vendors to bring your vision to life and handle all the stressful tasks.


setting an alarm clock will help your prioritize your self-care routine

For most people, mixing stress and sleep is a recipe for disaster. And when your wedding preparations aren’t going according to schedule, you might be facing a lot of late nights. Disrupting your sleep cycle can have a negative effect on your overall health and not only cause exhaustion, but also cause depression and affect your appearance. The last thing you want are dark circles ruining all of your wedding pictures. Reset your sleeping routine by sticking to a schedule. 

First, start off by creating a to-do list before you go to sleep; this will help you organize your brain and offload any worries that will keep you up at night. If you can’t help but spend hours scrolling mindlessly through Pinterest looking for more wedding inspo before bed, then try to limit exposure by setting your phone at least three feet away from you. Placing your phone at least three feet away or in another room will limit temptation and let you focus on getting your sleep schedule back on track. 

Wedding planning is hard and time consuming, but it shouldn’t be the reason your self-care routine falls by the wayside. Self-care is a crucial part of life, so make sure you are practicing and prioritizing it for your mental and physical health!

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Expert Party Planner, Photographer, and Creative Entrepreneur.

I'm a creative entrepreneur at heart and have been running my business for over 10 years and have planned and executed over 150 weddings. I'm an expert in this industry and care deeply about my clients and making sure they have the best experience. I've also been a photographer for 15 years and have curated some amazing art pieces to spark joy in your life and in your spaces. 

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