Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Wedding

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Top Things Couples Need To Know When Planning Your Wedding

Photos by: The Shalom Imaginative

In the midst of planning your wedding, there are always some surprises along the way. As a wedding planner for almost a decade, I have seen my fair share of wedding day hiccups. And even though we’re always able to find a solution, I decided I wanted to share a few things that could pop up. Below are the top things to keep in mind while planning your wedding day!  


The top things to keep in mind while planning your wedding - weather like this bride and groom who used overhead canopies for shade during wedding ceremony

No matter where you live, the weather is unpredictable. Even where I’m based in Southern California, we’ve had an unusually rainy season recently! Keeping this in mind, I stress to my couples that it is crucial to plan for all elements of weather. First, a rain plan is a must; whether that’s an indoor space you can transition everything to or renting a tent, secure these elements well in advance. However, rain isn’t the only weather element that can bring down your wedding day. If a cold front comes through, guests will struggle to feel comfortable. Consider renting extra heat lamps and placing warm blankets around the space. (We discuss more options to keep warm in this blog post.) 

If you’re planning a summer wedding, or there’s a warmer day on the day of your wedding, giving guests fans will go a long way! You can even give out custom sunglasses as a guest favor. Additionally, you can ask that your catering company will offer hydrating drinks at the welcome table, cocktail hour and bar. If you have the ability to rent an open-air tent to provide shade, or even an enclosed tent with a/c, those are also great options. 

Lastly, changes in weather can also mean my personal favorite: wind! The wind was so strong at my own wedding that it blew my veil off moments before I walked down the aisle! I laughed it off and continued without it but I have seen unsecured umbrellas go flying during weddings before. This could also mean beautiful paper elements aren’t going to sit nicely on a table, or the candles won’t stay lit on the table. In these instances, we will do our best to get everything set for photos but may need to change plans on the fly. 


Not all wedding packages are equal! While looking at your venue, pay extra attention to what is included. In some cases, you may need to bring in tables, chairs, even restrooms to a venue space! Lounge areas, lighting, linens, trash cans, photo booths, lawn games, etc are examples of additional rentals to consider. As a wedding planner, part of my job is to thoroughly review all contracts so everyone is aware of what’s included and what should be rented. 

Catering Stations

Dinner takes up a large percentage of the reception portion. Not only the time to eat, but it’s easy to overlook how long it takes for guests to get all of their food. If you have a large guest count (200+), I strongly recommend at least two catering stations to expedite the process. For a sit-down dinner, make sure the meal selections are clearly stated on guest place cards so the staff can swiftly plate the correct meals. (This also applies to the bar. If you have a large guest count, two bars at opposite ends of the reception will give guests options and avoid long lines for drinks.)  And never underestimate the importance of cocktail hour appetizers. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that fed guests are happy guests! 

Hiring Additional Staff

One unexpected cost that can arise when wedding planning is hiring additional staff for the event. Depending on your venue or catering situation, there may not be servers or bartenders included. Security and transportation needs, such as valet, are also additional staff members that are often overlooked. As your wedding planner, I have my own staff to help with the event set up but that never means I have people available to clear tables or take out the trash. That’s the job of a whole other vendor! Especially with increasing guest counts, you’ll want enough staff to support all the guests. For example, I suggest 2 bartenders for every 75 guests to avoid long lines. Additionally, having staff walk around with drinks or appetizers can help the flow of the event. Lastly, another great example of additional staff is a sitter to help with kids at the event so parents can relax a little more. 


As a wedding planner, working alongside your photographer and videographer is extremely important to us! We want to make sure that you’re getting ample time to take the photos you want reflected in the timeline, while also crafting time for other moments. Plus, time for you to enjoy and party! Some ways that photographers will optimize this time is by doing a first look with the couple. You can get portrait shots and wedding party photos done during this time, which frees up the timeline for family photos and detail photos later on. Just keep in mind that the more photos on your wish list, the longer it will take to get them completed! And if you want some photos during that golden hour of sunset, timing is everything. Work closely with your photographer and planner to get everything squeezed in. And remember to enjoy the party and time with your guests!  

I hope this list was helpful! If you want help tackling all of these items (and more!) contact us on our homepage here. We’ll help give you a wedding planning experience that’s as stress-free as possible! 


Planning/Design: Feathered Arrow Studio

Venue: Seventh Place

Photography: The Shalom Imaginative

Florals/Signage: Shindig Chic

Rentals: Casa De Perrin

Linens: BBJ La Tavola

Bar: LA Speakeasy

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