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Top 3 Reasons Why My Job is the Best!

Photo by: Rachel Stelter Photography

When I first started Feathered Arrow, I never imagined the business I have built today. You might think of that Jennifer Lopez movie when you think of “wedding planners” but I promise you, it’s nothing like that! Over the past 10 years, I have learned (and seen) so many things in my job. My team and I have been challenged to pivot when things don’t go as planned, stretched creatively to ensure the couple’s vision is present, and seeing technologies evolve, this is such a wonderful and fulfilling career. And one that I am so grateful for. While there are many parts about being a wedding planner that I love, I wanted to share the top three things that I love the most. 

Celebrating Love

Photo by: Weddings By Mika

The most rewarding part of being a wedding planner is helping my couples celebrate their love story. That might sound cheesy but it’s completely true. We love love here at Feathered Arrow and we believe in equality for all. No matter your race, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, you are welcome here and we want to celebrate you! We’ve been fortunate enough to create some of the most epic weddings for couples who want to combine their unique backgrounds together. Whether it’s a ceremony with multiple religious elementsusing décor elements, or a reception with imported late-night snacks, we are here for it! 

Details and Design

Photo by: The Justin Jay

Here at Feathered Arrow, we swoon for details and design. I love the changing moods and innovations that come with wedding planning design. (And through my 10+ years as a wedding planner, I have seen a lot of different wedding trends.) Taking inspiration from travel, the color of the year, social media, even nostalgic vibes all help contribute to the different aesthetic of weddings. However, it’s not just about “trends”. I’m a firm believer that your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your partner. You don’t have to use “what’s hot” this year in your wedding planning. In fact, some of the most unique and impactful designs are a springboard from something that is special to you as a couple. Like this couple who had a rain themed wedding because it rained when they got engaged. Or this couple whose love of country music bonded them together. 

Giving Back

Photo by: Rachel Stelter Photography

With a background in non-profit work, I’ve always been determined to give back with any business endeavor I’ve had. Part of my dream in building my business was the opportunity to benefit the community. Therefore, for every client we book, we donate proceeds to one of our charity partners. Currently, we donate to Everytown for Gun Safety. As a gun violence survivor, this organization and their work has had a major impact on me personally. I am so grateful for a career that is not only extremely fun but also fulfilling. 

Are you newly engaged and looking to start the planning process? Or maybe you’ve dived in already and are frustrated with the process. Wherever you are in your planning journey, I promise you, I can help! (You can see what sets us apart from other wedding planners here.) Then contact us on our homepage and let’s get this party started!  

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Expert Party Planner, Podcaster, and Creative Entrepreneur.

I'm a creative entrepreneur at heart and have been running my business for over 10 years and have planned and executed over 150+ weddings. I'm an expert in this industry and care deeply about my clients and making sure they have the best experience. I just launched a podcast with my work wife, Gabby Pinkerton of Cause We Can Events, called Just Another Biz Podcast! Go check it out!

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